IBMM 2010 Schedule

Presentations for which a paper was published in the proceedings (NIMB vol. 272) are linked to that paper through their DOI. The others point to the submitted abstract. In case of problem, please contact Francois Schiettekatte.

* = presenting author, as entered in the system by the author(s)

August 22, 2010

04:00 PM Desk open
07:00 PM Welcome reception

August 23, 2010

07:30 AM Desk open
08:30 AM Conference opening
09:00 AM Session - Swift Heavy Ions and Cluster Ions
09:01 AM
Swift heavy ion tracks and implications for nanoparticle shaping (invited, 553)
Patrick Kluth*, Boshra Afra, Matias Rodriguez, Raquel Giulian, Mark C. Ridgway, David J. Sprouster, Leandro L. Araujo, James Leslie, Aidan P. Byrne, Claudia S. Schnohr, Olli H. Pakarinen, Flyura Djurabekova, Kai Nordlund, Nigel Kirby, Christina Trautmann, Marcel Toulemonde, Giancarlo Rizza, Maik Lang, and Rodney C. Ewing
09:30 AM
09:50 AM
10:10 AM
10:30 AM break
10:50 AM
Crater formation by single ions, ion cluster and ion "shower" (422)
Flyura Djurabekova*, Juha Samela, Helga Timko, Kai Nordlund, Leila Costelle, Vladimir Popok, Sergio Calatroni, Mauro Taborelli, and Walter Wuensch
11:10 AM
Planarization of patterned media with gas cluster ion beams (87)
Noriaki Toyoda*, Kouki Naito, and Isao Yamada
11:30 AM Session - Ultra-low energy
11:31 AM
11:50 AM
12:10 PM lunchtime (own arrangements)

02:00 PM Session - Nanostructures
02:01 PM
Tin clusters in silica presenting abnormally high thermal stability (invited, 661)
Felipe Kremer, Flavia P. Luce, Zacarias E. Fabrim, Dario F. Sanchez, Agenor Hentz, David Babonneau, Gustavo M. de Azevedo, Fernando C. Zawislak, and Paulo F. P. Fichtner*
02:30 PM
Ion Bombardment of Gold Nanoparticles: Experimental Evidence for Size-dependent Sputtering (246)
A. Klimmer, D. T. Rasonabe, M. Trautvetter, U. Wiedwald, Paul Ziemann*, J. Biskupek, and U. Kaiser
02:50 PM
Electro- and photoluminescence induced by Ge nanocrystals obtained by hot ion implantation into SiO2 (109)
Moni Behar*, Felipe L Bregolin, Uilson S Sias, Lars Rebohle, and Wolfgang Skorupa
03:10 PM break
03:30 PM
Doping and analysis of vertical Si nanowires (254)
Reinhard Kögler*, Xin Ou, Pratyush Das Kanungo, Peter Werner, Michael Zier, and Wolfgang Skorupa
03:50 PM
04:10 PM
Ion irradiation of freestanding and embedded metal nanocrystals (457)
Kai Nordlund*, Tommi Järvi, Marie Backman, Olli H Pakarinen, Jukka A Pakarinen, Flyura Djurabekova, Antti Kuronen, Darius Pohl, Bernd Rellinghaus, Karsten Albe, Jürgen Fassbender, David Sprouster, Raquel Giulian, N Kirby, Leandro L Araujo, Patrick Kluth, Bernt Johannessen, and Mark C. Ridgway
04:30 PM
Ion-beam modification of mechanical properties of nanoporous solids (511)
S. O. Kucheyev*, Y. Y. Wang, A. V. Hamza, and M. A. Worsley
05:00 PM Poster session 1

August 24, 2010

09:00 AM Session - Magnetic and superconducting materials
09:01 AM
Ion-beam synthesis of magnetic semiconductors (invited, 153)
Kay Potzger*
09:30 AM
Manganese implanted Germanium: from clustering to carrier-mediated ferromagnetism (331)
Shengqiang Zhou, Danilo Buerger, Wolfgang Skorupa*, Carsten Timm, Peter Oesterlin, Manfred Helm, and Heidemarie Schmidt
09:50 AM
Ferromagnetism in Gd implanted ZnO Single Crystals (391)
Peter Paul Murmu*, John Vedamuthu Kennedy, Ben Ruck, Andreas Markwitz, Grant Williams, and Sergey Rubanov
10:10 AM break
10:31 AM
11:00 AM
Nanostructuring YBCO thin films by heavy-ion beam for MIR-FIR detection (453)
Enrica Mezzetti*, Roberto Gerbaldo, Gianluca Ghigo, Laura Gozzelino, Francesco Laviano, Bruno Minetti, and Alberto Rovelli
11:20 AM
Exchange bias by implantation of O ions into Co thin films (564)
Joost Demeter, Johan Meersschaut, Francisco Almeida, Steven Brems, Chris Van Haesendonck, Anke Teichert, Roland Steitz, Kristiaan Temst, and André Vantomme*
11:41 AM
12:10 PM lunchtime (own arrangements)

02:00 PM Session - Focused ion beam, single ions
02:01 PM
02:30 PM
02:50 PM
Conductivity Modulation in Germanium Nanowires by Discrete Ion Implantation (481)
Alois Lugstein*, Clemens Zeiner, Thomas Burchhart, and Emmerich Bertagnolli
03:10 PM break
03:30 PM Session - Fundamentals of ion-solid interaction
03:31 PM
Nanoscale phase-transitions in A2B2O7 pyrochlore under the extreme conditions of high pressure and ion irradiation (invited, 577)
Maik Lang*, Fuxiang Zhang, Jiaming Zhang, Jianwei Wang, Ram Devanathan, Marcel Toulemonde, Beatrice Schuster, Christina Trautmann, William J. Weber, and Rodney C. Ewing
04:00 PM
04:20 PM Session - Dielectric materials
04:21 PM
The effect of ion-implantation on resistive switching in high-k dielectrics (124)
Robert Glen Elliman*, Muhammad Nawaz Saleh, Dinesh Kumar Venkatachalam, Tae-Hyun Kim, and Kidane Belay
04:40 PM
Point defect distribution in high-mobility conductive SrTiO3 crystals (123)
Aurelie Gentils*, Olivier Copie, Gervasi Herranz, Franck Fortuna, Manuel Bibes, Karim Bouzehouane, Eric Jacquet, Cécile Carrétéro, Mario Basletic, Emil Tafra, Amir Hamzic, and Agnès Barthélémy
05:00 PM Poster session 2
07:00 PM Special session on cooperation
07:01 PM
07:30 PM
07:35 PM International Committee meeting

August 25, 2010

09:00 AM Session - Self-organization, nanopatterning
09:01 AM
Surface patterning mechanisms by keV ions (invited, 302)
Eric Chason* and Vivek Shenoy
09:30 AM
Transition from Topographical Stability to Pattern-Forming Instability Caused by Impact-Induced Mass Redistribution (132)
Charbel Said Madi*, Eitan Anzenberg, Karl Ludwig Jr., and Michael John Aziz
09:50 AM
Ion-beam assisted self-assembly of metal bilayer nanostructures (347)
Khattiya - Chalapat*, Jian Li, and Gheorghe Sorin Paraoanu
10:10 AM break
10:31 AM
11:00 AM
Technique of local changes in chemical composition and properties of materials by means of ion beams irradiation (374)
Boris Aronovich Gurovich, Kirill Evgenievich Prikhodko*, and Evgenia Anatolievna Kuleshova
11:20 AM
11:40 AM
Direct and Inverse Ostwald ripening under irradiation (475)
Giancarlo Rizza*, Yaasiin Ramjauny, Sandrine Perruchas, and Thierry Gacoin
12:00 PM lunchtime (own arrangements)

01:30 PM
01:50 PM
02:10 PM
02:30 PM Conference outing

August 26, 2010

09:00 AM Session - Defects
09:01 AM
Microstructure evolution of H and He coimplanted in Si at moderate energy (invited, 198)
Shay Reboh, Fernando Schaurich, Jean François Barbot, Alain Declémy, Nikolay Cherkashin, Paulo F.P. Fichtner, and Marie-France Beaufort*
09:30 AM
Evolution of implantation damage in amorphous and crystalline silicon (372)
Jean-Chritophe Pothier*, François Schiettekatte, and Laurent J. Lewis
09:50 AM
Effect of composition on damage accumulation and its recovery in ZnO-based ternary oxides implanted with heavy ions (454)
Alexander Azarov*, Anders Hallen, Xiaolong Du, Bengt Svensson, and Andrej Kuznetsov
10:10 AM
An in-situ TEM study of the effects of He irradiation on monocrystalline and polycrystalline silicon (537)
Kerry J Abrams, Jonathan A Hinks, Christopher J Pawley, Jaap A van den Berg, and Stephen E Donnelly*
10:30 AM
Damage and Microstructure Evolution in GaN under Au Ion Irradiation (274)
Yanwen Zhang*, Zihua Zhu, Manabu Ishimaru, and William J. Weber
10:50 AM break
11:10 AM Session - Nuclear materials
11:11 AM
A TEM study of a Xe bubble population evolution in UO2 (167)
Amélie MICHEL*, Catherine SABATHIER, Gaëlle CARLOT, Philippe GARCIA, Serge BOUFFARD, and Carole VALOT
11:30 AM
Role of Interfaces in the design of radiation damage tolerant nanocomposites (158)
Amit Misra, Dhriti Bhattacharyya, Nan Li, Qiangming Wei, Yongqiang Wang, Mike Demkowicz, and Mike Nastasi*
11:50 AM lunchtime (own arrangements)

01:30 PM Session - Plasma-induced modification of materials
01:31 PM Modification of wood surfaces using an atmospheric-pressure dielectric barrier discharge
Luc Stafford
02:00 PM
Ion induced polymer densification for the production of antimicrobial Ag nano cluster containing DLC coatings (659)
Florian P Schwarz, Ralf Kmeth, Irmgard Hauser-Gerspach, and Bernd Stritzker*
02:20 PM
02:40 PM break
03:00 PM Session - Biomaterials and soft materials
03:01 PM
03:30 PM
Modulation of viability of live cells by focused ion-beam implantation (596)
Takahiro Shinada, Takayuki Akimoto, Hisa Goke, and Masahiro Hori*
03:50 PM
04:10 PM
Ion irradiation effects on polymer at solid-liquid interface (431)
Tomohiro Kobayashi*, So Miyamoto, Tokihiro Ikeda, Takao M Kojima, Kiyoshi Ogiwara, and Yasunori Yamazaki
04:30 PM IBMM Prize announcement and Invited Lecture
04:31 PM
Swift heavy ion irradiation of III-V semiconductors (invited, 299)
C S Schnohr*, P Kluth, R Giulian, D J Llewellyn, A P Byrne, D J Cookson, and M C Ridgway
07:00 PM Banquet

August 27, 2010

09:29 AM Session - Semiconductors
09:30 AM
Si implantation and reactivation in GaN grown on sapphire using various cap layers (118)
Frédéric Cayrel*, Anne-Elisabeth Bazin, Mohamed Lamhamdi, Younes Benchanaa, Olivier Ménard, Emmanuel Collard, and Daniel Alquier
09:50 AM
Stabilization of organic thin film transistors behaviour via ion-implantation (483)
Beatrice Fraboni*, Piero Cosseddu, Yongqiang Wang, Roland Schulze, Anna Cavallini, Zhengfeng Di, Annalisa Bonfiglio, and Michael Nastasi
10:10 AM break
10:31 AM
Direct observation of implanted impurities on the bond-centered site in germanium (invited, 425)
Stefan Decoster*, Stefaan Cottenier, Ulrich Wahl, Joao Guilherme Correia, and André Vantomme
11:00 AM
57Fe Mossbauer studies on 57Mn+ implanted III-V semiconductors (488)
Krishanlal Bharuth-Ram*, Hilary Masenda, Wendy Bonakele Dlamini, Deena Naidoo, Harald Palle Gunnlaugsson, Gerd Weyer, Roberto Mantovan, Torben Estman Moelholt, Rainer Sielemann, Svein Olafsson, Guido Langouche, and Karl Johnston
11:20 AM
MeV Fe ion implantation of InGaAsP/InP heterostructures for terahertz time-domain spectroscopy applications (617)
André Fekecs*, Maxime Bernier, Martin Chicoine, François Schiettekatte, Paul Charette, Richard Arès, and Denis Morris
11:40 AM
Conductivity enhancement of ion tracks in tetrahedral amorphous carbon (169)
Johann Krauser*, Anne-Katrin Nix, Hans-Gregor Gehrke, Hans Hofsäss, Christina Trautmann, and Alois Weidinger
12:00 PM Conference closing