IBMM 2010 Committees and Partners

Local Committee

Francois Schiettekatte, Université de Montréal, Canada
Sjoerd Roorda, Université de Montréal, Canada
Guy Ross, INRS-ÉMT, Canada
Luc Stafford, Université de Montréal, Canada
Elise Saint-Jacques, Regroupement québécois sur les matériaux de pointe, Canada

Program committee

M.J. Aziz, USA; M.-F. Beaufort, France; M.M.M. Bilek, Australia; R.G. Elliman, Australia;
K.P. Giapis, USA; M. G. Grimaldi, Italy; R. Gwilliam, United Kingdom; R. Khaibullin, Russia;
A. Meldrum, Canada; K. Nordlund, Finland; T. Shinada, Japan; C. Trautmann, Germany; X. Wang, China

Guest editors - proceedings

Editor: Sjoerd Roorda (U. Montréal)
Co-Editors: Guy G. Ross (INRS-ÉMT), François Schiettekatte (U. Montréal), Luc Stafford (U. Montréal) and Christina Trautmann (GSI, Germany)

International committee

H.H. Andersen, Denmark; E.J. Alves, Portugal; J.C. Barbour, USA; M. Behar, Brazil; H. Bernas, France;
R. Elliman, Australia; K. Gamo, Japan; N. Gerasimenko, Russia; R. Gwilliam, United Kingdom;
W. Möller, Germany; M.A. Nastasi, USA; F. Priolo, Italy; S. Roorda, Canada;
B. Stritzker, Germany; A. Vantomme, Belgium; Xi Wang, China; I. Yamada, Japan


The conference is organized in partnership between researchers from two universities of the Montréal region:

Sources of Support

The organisation also benefits from the financial and logistic support for the following organizations: